Adventures in Healthcare (Aka My Quest For a Family Doctor)

For the past five years I haven’t gone to one unless it was an emergency. Not because I wouldn’t have loved to address some of my issues, but because the care I was typically afforded simply told me three things: I’m too fat, I’m clearly too dumb, and I don’t merit more than a moment of the doctors attention.

Being Outed Sucks

If you are not queer, it might be hard for you to fully appreciate the horror of being outed.  When it happens there is that moment when my heart grows arms with spindly hands and dagger like nails, which it uses to claw it’s way into my throat where it sits and pounds from it’s efforts. …

Crying Wolf

Ok, I’m going to say what might be some pretty unpopular things this time: now I understand why the right makes fun of us for being “Special Snowflakes”.

Struggles With Dysphoria and My Journey to Find Me

Dysphoria is a burden. I know for some trans people that would be the understatement of the year, but for me I feel like it’s an accurate description. It’s a weight that sits on my chest, figuratively and literally, and yet I’ve had a hard time describing it eloquently to people in the past.

Zaharakos – A Delicious Journey Back to 1900

It’s strange what sticks with you from childhood. I have this memory from preschool or kindergarten of taking a field trip to Columbus, Indiana, to go to this soda shop and ice cream parlor. It’s one of those strange little things that has stuck with me, but I hadn’t been back since, and so last Summer Amber and I went to go find this little place. It turns out that it has a ton of history that was lost on my young self, and we revisited that spot again this weekend.

TransForm: Trans Clothing Swap

I woke up pretty early on a Saturday morning and checked my support groups Facebook page to find that an event had been posted, somewhat last minute: A “Trans Clothing Swap” hosted at Butler University by the group TransForm.

Coming Soon: A bit of fiction

I plan to begin posting fiction set in this universe. In broad strokes, I’ve made a timeline covering 1500 years and I look forward to sharing vignettes from this other universe.

When a Desire for Family Turns Tragic

Anyone who has taken a moment to read my “about me” knows that children are in the plans. What does that mean for me? Well, it’s pretty internally complicated. Firstly, lets talk about some of the hard facts. I’m trans masculine, but haven’t undergone any gender confirmation treatments, why? Well, because we want babies. By…

The Louisville Comic Book Scene

When I found myself trapped in a hotel room alone in a strange city, I decided to visit their local comic shops for more gore-riffic goodness.