What does it mean to be queer?  I think if you asked a member of the LGBT community even as little as twenty years ago, they would be offended by your use of the word.  While “queer” certainly was used as a slur years ago, it’s taken on a new meaning and life to the LGBT community of today.  We have reclaimed the word as our own and embraced it as an umbrella term to be used by many members of the community.  A gay person could be considered queer, but likewise someone could be gender-queer as well.  Likewise, asexual (or “ace”) folks could be considered queer.  Basically anyone who didn’t fit into the heterosexual, cisgender conforming, mold could accept the title, and wear it with pride.

Our family is comprised of four loving adults: Collin, Joshua, Amber, and Jasmine.  We are a polyamorous household, and each love and care for each other.  We are not all romantically involved with each other, but we all love each other and want the best for one another.  For those who may not be familiar with this term, allow me to explain.  People who are engaged in a polyamorous relationship have multiple loving romantic partners.  Each of those partners know about the others and consent to the relationships going on.

The members of our household are comprised of an array of gender queer identities:  Collin is a pre-transition transgendered man.  He has chosen to wait on the hormone replacement therapy that would aid in his transition, because he wants biological children.  Amber is a post-transition transgendered woman.  She has been fully transitioned for more than five years now, and lives every day happily as a woman.  Jasmine and Joshua are both cisgendered adults, just carrying on with this crazy life.

So why are we “queering across america”?  The idea started when the family did some travelling in 2016.  Being a little bit different and travelling through some of the most conservative parts of the country can be a little bit nerve wracking, but it’s also a lot of fun.  We wanted to share all of the wonderful things we saw, and we also wanted to share our fear, musings, and laughter.  And thus this blog was born, as a means for this family to share with the world.