About Joshua

“Well, Zaphod, he’s just this guy, you know?”

Despite having lived in Indianapolis for all but the first three years of my life, I still consider myself a native San Franciscan. Honestly, being liberal and living in Indiana, I’ll take any excuse I can get.

I’m surprisingly mellow at first glance, kind of the straight man (haha) here at QuAcAm; I’m nigh-exclusively sexually gynophilic, cisgendered, politically moderate (which is pretty liberal in Indiana), philosophically humanist, spiritually arcane (vacillating between militant agnostic and theurgic guerrilla), and religiously introverted.

Beneath the surface… I wear tie-dye like it’s my superhero uniform. I had a bona fide fairy godfather (he decorated corpses). Thanks to my parents, I think marijuana smells like Christmas. Although I don’t particularly like marijuana, professional consultation has led me to the conclusion that I would be well-served by a prescription for medical-grade cannabis… if only it were legal in my area.

In my professional history, I’ve been a bouncer, a librarian, a security guard, and a chocolatier. I’ve done a lot of different jobs, but only one (the library) felt like a career. I don’t have a passion, other than caring for the people in my life. I’d be satisfied to be a homemaker, except that I know I’d be bad enough at it as to make Peggy Bundy roll her eyes. I’m currently attending the local community college, pursuing an AS in Software Development. As of this writing (April 2017), I’ve got one semester to go.

I kind of feel like a rock, sometimes. I don’t travel much, but I don’t really like where I am. I just endure. Traveling with Collin has been one of the many highlights of life with him, and I’m thoroughly blissfully grateful that he shares his life with me. I want to get my passport, and I want to visit Canada and Mexico. I also want to see more of the world. There’s an adage, about dying five miles from where you were born. At this point, I’ve beaten that, and I couldn’t be sadder for it. BUT. We make the best of what we’ve got, or else we don’t.