Adventures in Healthcare (Aka My Quest For a Family Doctor)

For the past five years I haven’t gone to one unless it was an emergency. Not because I wouldn’t have loved to address some of my issues, but because the care I was typically afforded simply told me three things: I’m too fat, I’m clearly too dumb, and I don’t merit more than a moment of the doctors attention.

Zaharakos – A Delicious Journey Back to 1900

It’s strange what sticks with you from childhood. I have this memory from preschool or kindergarten of taking a field trip to Columbus, Indiana, to go to this soda shop and ice cream parlor. It’s one of those strange little things that has stuck with me, but I hadn’t been back since, and so last Summer Amber and I went to go find this little place. It turns out that it has a ton of history that was lost on my young self, and we revisited that spot again this weekend.

TransForm: Trans Clothing Swap

I woke up pretty early on a Saturday morning and checked my support groups Facebook page to find that an event had been posted, somewhat last minute: A “Trans Clothing Swap” hosted at Butler University by the group TransForm.

The Louisville Comic Book Scene

When I found myself trapped in a hotel room alone in a strange city, I decided to visit their local comic shops for more gore-riffic goodness.

Maple Syrup Festival

Amber and I took the day to go have a small adventure, so we went to the 26th annual Maple Syrup Festival in Salem, IN.